Open House Check-In LeadSite™

Way to go! You’re in the midst of a successful open house! But wait! How can you make this even better? By capturing leads and collecting data of course! And now you can do both simply by setting up a tablet by the front door. With a few quick clicks your attendees have provided you with valuable information so you can get this house sold and sell even more homes in the near future.

Build a list of potential buyers

Create a guest list of all open house attendees. They sign-in simply and you collect leads to follow-up with.

Share home buyer feedback

Collect and share open house attendee feedback with the property owner.

Simple open house lead gen

Have a tablet or smartphone? Then you’ve got all you need for simple attendee sign-in. Quick, professional and easy!

Just $99. No monthly fees!

A one-time cost of only $99. No monthly or ongoing fees.

Hosting is included for life!

No monthly or yearly bills. No hassles. What could be better? Pay once, get hosting for life!

Fully customizable

Make it yours! Customize with your photo, logo, colors, content, images and much more!

Integrates with your CRM

Its a match made in heaven with all the leads automatically emailed to you and entered into WebsiteBox CRM.

A quick & easy way generate leads

Build a high converting, lead generating, mobile friendly website without any knowledge of HTML.

Boost your sales

Strong leads. Strong sales. Strong business. The Open House Check-In LeadSite and WebsiteBox will get you there.

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