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QR codes quickly and efficiently connect homebuyers to you and your website. This app allows you to add QR codes to flyers, lawn signs and other marketing materials. How they work is when a potential client scans one with their mobile device they will then be taken directly to your site. The door is open, now it’s up to you to close.

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Want more mobile leads? Of course you do!

Let’s explore what a QR code can do for you!

Manage your QR Codes easily

Create QR codes in seconds and keep track of how many times each QR code has been scanned.

Put it on your business cards

Link it directly to your website and open up a new way for your clients and future clients to engage with you.

Add them to listing flyers

Adding QR codes to Listing Flyers and linking them to a listing page is a great way to market properties to today’s buyers.

Include on your outdoor signs

Get the attention of tech-savvy house hunters by linking the codes back to a property page!

Drive traffic to your website

Combine web and print marketing to sell homes faster by driving targeted, local traffic.

Are QR codes hard to create and manage?

Not at all! Create, publish and track from one central location. Let us show you how!

Start getting more mobile traffic today!

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