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This powerful tool enables forced registration on your website. Visitors must submit their name and email to you prior to searching for listings on your site. In addition to lead generation, this app keeps you consistently in the loop as to what your clients and visitors are searching for on your website. You’ll gain awesome insight into their needs and wants! Client collaboration is also a priority of this app, allowing people to login and leave notes on properties of interest.

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How does it work?

Capturing website leads has never been this easy!

Enable forced registration

With the Lead Capture App you can make it a requirement for people to sign-up before they are able to search your listings, or don't! The choice is yours!

Login with social media

To make things even easier for your leads, with this app they will be able to log into your website using their social media accounts.

Save MLS searches

Your leads will be able to save specific searches they have made, so they can easily go back to it them at any time.

Favorite properties

Leads can also add a property to their favorites list, keeping you updated on what they are looking for.

Share listings

Share with your clients MLS listings that match exactly what they are looking for. Proving you get them and are the right person to find them their next home.

Get analytical data

Compile detailed analytics on the price range and location of homes your leads are looking at. Next time you chat you’ll having them saying “wow!”

Let them help you, help them, find their next dream home.

Homebuyers can share, save and leave notes on their favorite properties, guiding you efficiently to their close.

Be in the Loop ... Always!

See what your clients are doing on your website, analyze, communicate and collaborate

Boost your leads today!

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