Seriously! How Do You Offer a $99 Product?

See what others have to say about the $99 do-it-all website ...

WebsiteBox has stepped into the gap between these free sites and the more expensive options by offering options specifically for real estate professionals brokers, and teams. For a one-time fee of $99

We have been through many websites over the years, but WebsiteBox has proven themselves to be far superior above the rest. Great content, great quality and exceptional customer service for $99, our search is over!

Ifoma & Hazel Pierre
Fresh meadows, NY

Industry Upstart WebsiteBox Offers No-Strings “Do-It-All” Websites to Real Estate Agents, Teams and Brokers for $99 - Lowest Price on Market.

Florida REALTOR® Cat Stevens Saves Thousands With Her $99 Do-It-All Website from WebsiteBox

I came across WebsiteBox, I called to ask a few questions and a real person answered the phone - imagine that! After a very short and insightful conversation I realized this was a good product for our company and I purchased a new website for our entire company (just $99 - one time fee) and off I was. Within an hour I was up and running with a brand new website. Within 48 hours I was connected to IDX/MLS® for website home searches. After a little more tweaking, I now have an awesome site that has brought in more calls from prospective buyers in the last month than I received in the last year with my old site. Clients love it too!! I've had three client calls expressing that their house now shows up on the home page of my website ... what a GREAT call to receive. I go into listing presentations with a new found confidence ...

John Hillcoat
San Antonio, TX

WebsiteBox Nominated for Prestigious 2013 Inman Innovator Award

I needed to be able to customize my site. At first I was a little skeptical that WebsiteBox could help me do this for $99, but after signing up I have been amazed by the product and the level of support I have received, I am really happy I chose WebsiteBox.

Pam Donovan
Oviedo, FL

As one of the newest challengers in this increasingly crowded arena, WebsiteBox has differentiated themselves in a way that's hard to ignore - by appealing to agents' wallets. Their hook is powerful - for a one-time fee of $99, agents get a website, integrated IDX search, a CRM, hosting, and more - for life.

Compared to all the other website providers, I can actually get everything I need for an unbeatable price. The IDX integration and customization was what drew me to WebsiteBox. I love the fact that I am able to build a clean and professional site with ease.

Michael Hinderberger
Newport Beach, CA

WebsiteBox is very easy to use. It‘s a great site for agents to set up quickly. I was initially looking for an IDX solution, then I found out about WebsiteBox. Since signing up I have gained a great website and saved a lot of money!

Charles Mortimer
Hayward, CA

I am used to creating websites and blogging on my own. WebsiteBox‘s platform is so easy to use. I really like the Craigslist App it helps me create great looking ads that stand out from the other listing ads on Craigslist. I am really excited to continue working on my WebsiteBox site.

Andrea Gonzalez
Las Vegas, NV

A few ways we keep our costs way lower than competitors ...

How We Do It:

  • We Are Small and Nimble. We are a small company with a dozen employees. Our overhead and costs are low. We use technology to keep it that way.
  • Our Marketing Costs Are Low. The majority of our advertising is printed on our price tag. The result is that 92% of our new signups are from “Word of Mouth”.
  • Our Employees Wear Jeans & T-shirts. Everything we do is economical. Even our employees are cost-conscious. We hardly ever travel and rarely entertain.
  • Our Prices Are Based on Market Costs. Google “website hosting fees” and check out what the typical prices are.

How They Do It:

  • They Are Not. Our competitors are large corporations, often with 100‘s of employees. Their overhead is high and you pay for it in their price.
  • Theirs? Not So Much. Our competitors are large corporations who spend thousands on trade shows, print and Internet ads. You pay for it in their price.
  • They Wear Suits. Most of our competitors spend lots of money on their sales force, on travel and entertainment. You pay for it in their price.
  • Theirs Are on What the Market Will Bear. Now look at the monthly fees from our competitors … it‘s not pretty.

Everywhere, website costs have dropped - EXCEPT in the real estate industry.

In every industry, the cost of website creation, internet services, hosting, SEO, CRM has dropped.
So why hasn‘t the cost of real estate websites dropped, too?

You have to ask yourself “why?”.

So we did. We wondered why a company like can sell its “apps” at 99 cents and still make money? We asked
ourselves why do existing real estate websites charge more for “setup” than anybody else charges for their website hosting?
It just wasn‘t right. So we changed that.

STOP PAYING MORE for websites and tools when everybody else pays LESS.