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Thread: New templates please!!!

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    New templates please!!!

    After reviewing some of the feature requests and other forum posts, it seems like there is a high demand for new templates. I totally agree - full width pages is the norm amongst many of the competitors to Websitebox. Much more modern looking and appealing to navigate.

    I truly hope that Websitebox is paying attention to what it's users want and focussing on creating new templates in the near future.

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    Yes, I'd love to see Websitebox publish new templates based on popular modern designs!

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    make that 3 votes for new templates

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    All in Favour? I'm in!

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    I only want to use full width templates and am having trouble. My site is and I'm not liking the look of it. When I was on the phone with tech supt about another issue, I asked about themes but didn't get an answer that really explained the situation. What is the difference between templates and themes?? Initially, I could see hundreds of template samples, so I picked one. Later, I wanted to change it but could only find Themes under Design in the Edit Website section. However, there are only about 10 themes and all that shows are names, no way to see what this changes without clicking and waiting for the update...I was told that Themes are different looks within each template, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I tried changing the theme but the whole site changed, colors and all. Are themes and templates the same thing? If so, why can I only see about 10 when there are hundreds to choose from? I can get to them again, but it will take some time to figure out how I got back to all those themes to look at.

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